Meditation has brought me tremendous joy, peace, and clarity.  I teach mindfulness meditation, where the focus is on observing the mind, and loving-kindness meditation (also known as compassion meditation), where we focus on directing loving thoughts towards ourselves, others, and all living beings.

Please dress comfortably for meditation. Nothing else is needed.

I will help you develop an easy-to-do home practice that leads to results.

I am honored to have been taught these meditation practices by my dear teacher and friend, Bhante Sujatha, an esteemed Buddhist monk. While these meditation techniques draw from ancient spiritual traditions, they bear no religious affiliations and are accessible to everyone.

Classes will take place in my home studio located at 58 South Lake Street in beautiful downtown Grayslake, Illinois.

Please know that I will work with you to create a session of your choice that may incorporate multiple services.

Yoga Fee: $75 per hour

Meditation Fee: $40 per 30 minutes

Reiki, Reflexology or a Combination of both: $75 per hour $40 per 30 mins