Reiki is a specific form of energy healing, in which hands are placed just off the body or lightly touching the body to transmit Universal Life energy to the client.

I believe that when someone intentionally sends focused healing vibes and love, it transfers positive energy affecting the cells of the receiver creating an environment for peace and healing. Please wear comfortable clothing.


Reflexology is a relaxation and compression technique used on the reflexes of the feet and hands.  These compression or energy points relate to body parts, organs and systems in the body.  Working on these points can unblock congestion and bring more blood flow and positive energy to the corresponding region creating an environment for healing and relaxation. Wear comfortable clothing. I will be working on your hands and bare feet.

Classes will take place in my home studio located at 58 South Lake Street in beautiful downtown Grayslake, Illinois.

Please know that I will work with you to create a session of your choice that may incorporate multiple services.

Yoga Fee: $75 per hour

Meditation Fee: $40 per 30 minutes

Reiki, Reflexology or a Combination of both: $75 per hour $40 per 30 mins