For Beginners: Fundamentals of Yoga

Whether you are brand new to yoga or feel like you need a better understanding of poses you have been doing already, you will receive individualized attention in a safe, private, non-judgmental environment. I will teach you proper alignment and answer any questions that arise.

You will gain knowledge and confidence to progress in your practice, whether with me or by moving on to group classes elsewhere that may previously have felt intimidating to join.

For Intermediate and Advanced Practitioners

As someone who has been practicing yoga for years and teaching intermediate and advanced students for more than a decade, I understand how subtle cues will help you accomplish those stubborn advanced poses that you just can’t seem to conquer. . I may move you through a continuous flow session linking movement with your breath. Other times we will have a more repetitive session if we are focusing on a specific goal. We will always be thoughtful and prepare the body accordingly so that the advanced poses are attempted safely. Any session can be tailored to what you need to advance your practice.

Due to the flexibility within a private session we can slow down to break down poses and use even more refined alignment to make the poses more accessible. Sometimes in a group setting we have such a short time to work on a pose and then we are moving on. I would love to pause at any time to work towards helping you achieve a yoga breakthrough!

Restorative Yoga

Feeling depleted? I will place you in poses using the wall and props to create a comfortable healing and relaxing experience while incorporating breath work and meditation. Particularly beneficial for people who work or play on their feet all day, this style of yoga lowers cortisol levels. Cortisol is a stress hormone that makes you feel anxious and jittery. Restorative yoga can relax your nervous system and help you feel calm again. Reiki may be added to this session.

Adaptive Yoga

If you have physical challenges, I can slowly and safely introduce movement geared to your individual needs and abilities. Adapting poses to suit your body while incorporating breath and meditation is a powerful healing and empowering practice. I can also teach you how do many of these techniques on your own at home.

Gentle Flow Yoga

In this sweet and nurturing flow through yoga poses, I will gently encourage strength and flexibility in your body by guiding you through comfortable poses in sync with your breath. This session is like a moving meditation and you will feel like you had a massage afterwards.

Classes will take place in my home studio located at 58 South Lake Street in beautiful downtown Grayslake, Illinois.

Please know that I will work with you to create a session of your choice that may incorporate multiple services.

Yoga Fee: $75 per hour

Meditation Fee: $40 per 30 minutes

Reiki, Reflexology or a Combination of both: $75 per hour $40 per 30 mins